Case Report: Craniofacial Surgery

craneosinostosis_TAC_lineas_0craneosinostosis_TAC_lineas_1The picture shows a craniosynostosis in a boy of 18 months of age. Observing the three-dimensional CT is clearly not symmetrical. The head shaft is deflected, the growth area has been sealed, and there has been a swelling of the skull back and face left.

This is a typical case of unicoronal craniosynostosis. Its impact on the rest of the face is very important, and it should be operates as soon as possible, because the deformity increases and time goes by. It only stops when the child stops growing. At that time the surgery is much more difficult and risky with much worse results.

Some surgeons choose to “scrape” the bone here and there “to cement” where there is subsidence. We prefer to make a real skull remodeling, to correct the future growth and allow the brain and sense organs develop normally.

If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible, and be sure to get a copy of the imaging studies have so that we can evaluate the case.