Author: Clínica Cavadas

Case Report: Hand Reimplant

This case is an amputation at the forearm. Only vascular techniques, orthopedic and microsurgical carried out simultaneously and with the same surgical approach can be achieved best results in the replantation of members. This arm was implanted in an intervention of

Case Report: Surgical breast reconstruction with diep flap #1

Female of 50 years who suffered breast tumor that required mastectomy. Three years later she decided he wanted to see her reconstructed breast with his own tissue. DIEP flap reconstruction. It has reached the desired symmetry with a natural look, feel and

Case Report: Microsurgical thumb reconstruction

The footage shows a case of loss of the thumb of the hand. This is a huge failure for both the working life to everyday life. In our unit, using microsurgical technique, we are capable of transplanting a toe to the

Case Report: Microsurgical reconstruction of patient with open tibia fracture

The pictures shows the status of a 35-year-old patient with open fracture of tibia treated at another hospital. The tibia is “air”, with obvious infection, and also the foot is fixed in the wrong position. We perform comprehensive treatment of complex

Case Report: Microsurgical reconstruction of foot with difficult wounds

The images display a 52-year-old pacient’s injury who, after trauma, suffered necrosis of the dorsum of the foot. This type of adverse outcome is common in smokers, diabetics, and patients that have caght hypertensive heart disease. After months with dressings

Case Report: Latissimus Dorsi + Prosthesis Surgical Breast Reconstruction

This 42 year-old suffered a mastectomy for a tumor. At the time of the consultation she tNhought that also she needed a breast augmentation in the unaffected breast.

Case Report: DIEP Surgical Breast Reconstruction #2

45 year old woman who had received radiotherapy, and in which mistakenly it was attempted a reconstruction with expander and prostheses. After the failure of previous attempts, came to our unit, where we proposed a DIEP flap reconstruction.

Case Report: Craniofacial Surgery

Case Report: Aftermath of Trauma

The picture shows an intervention by wrist arthroscopy. This was a patient of 32 years, who after an accidental fall showed a sharp pain in his wrist. After attending to his orthopedic surgeon, he did not see anything broken on

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